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All Hindu Temples located anywhere in the world, regardless of the deity or method of worship, prayers and rituals, are eligible to become members of the Network and shall be called "Member Temples". Membership of the Network is purely voluntary.

Roles and Responsibilities of Member Temples

Member Temples are expected to: (a) nominate two or three members of the community as focal points for coordinating with the Network; (b) periodically share information on broader issues of interest to the Network, any instances of discrimination and equally of beneficial developments; (c) disseminate information received from the Network to the temple community through any or all of the methods such as: (i) displays at the temple, (ii) putting leaflets at the temple, (iii) presentation to the community on gatherings such as Sunday or at other appropriate times when the community gets together for prayers, sermons etc, (iv) on electronic screens if installed at the temple; and (d) organize public expression of concerns through appropriate, dignified, peaceful means to highlight the issues and disseminate in public knowledge.

How to join

Please fill the Membership Form on this page and we will get back to you.

Member Registration

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Become a Volunteer


Any member of the community served by the Member Temples is eligible to apply for joining as a volunteer. Volunteers shall be the local interface between the Network and the Member Temples and Temple communities. A volunteer shall be a person of good moral standing; should not be an office bearer of any political party; demonstrate understanding of the objectives and activities of the Network; and be willing to contribute time and effort as necessary for enrolling the Member Temples and helping them to become proactive members of the Network.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Volunteer

The volunteers will: (a) help the Member Temples/ Temple communities to actively coordinate with the Network, (b) prepare information to be shared with the Network, (c) help disseminate information and communications received from the Network to the communities served by the Member Temples, and (d) in coordination with the Network organize any technical assistance - legal, accounting, auditing - that may be needed by the Member Temples and Temple communities in matters related to the temples. 

How to Join

Please fill the Volunteer Registration form here and we will get back to you.

Volunteer Registration

To register, kindly fill out the information below.

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