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Leicester Attack on Hindus: UK Government's Response

We had raised the issue of violence against Hindus in Leicester, Birmingham, and West Midlands. We received a response from United Kingdom's Home Office. They have recognized the discrimination and intolerance faced by Hindus, have pointed out that the government funded security measures have been provided to 144 churches, 108 mosques, and 26 Hindu temples, and some arrests have been made in Leicester. However, the letter also states that the Home Office does not have any say in local policing and the matter has to be dealt with by the Local Chief Constable. All this confirms what Global Hindu Temple Network has been exhorting the temple communities- organize, coordinate, collaborate in your communities for your security and freedom to follow your religion, and become a part of the broader Global Hindu Community to stand up in mutual support and raise collective voice. We shall keep track of developments in UK on discrimination and intolerance against Hindus and hold the authorities accountable. The response from UK Home Office is provided below.

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